Wreck-It Ralph

Posted: 6th November 2012 by Nathan R. Carlsen in Reviews

wreckitralphPerfect. Not just in comparison to the other movies I watched this last weekend, but also in comparison with other animated movies I loved. See it right now, it’s so, just, perfect.

First, the animated short “Paperman”  before the movie was very cute and fantastic, I’m glad Disney and Pixar are doing short films before movies, I hope this catches on with other studios.

Wreck-it Ralph is not a Pixar movie, but it’s surprisingly good even still, and probably better than this years Pixar movie, Brave. Actually, not probably…IS better.

The premise is heartwarming story about the bad guy Wreck-it Ralph (played by John C. Reilly) in the the game Fix-It Felix (played by Jack McBrayer) who’s tired of being treated LIKE a bad guy when the game ends. Fix-It Felix gets a medal every time he saves the tower, but Ralph is tired never getting any recognition for doing his part. But when he leaves the game in search of his own medal, it becomes quickly apparent that the game is no longer fun to be played by the humans (kinda like Tron meets Toy Story) without Ralph.

The movie takes a lot of different characters from different titles much the same way Who Framed Roger Rabbit did. There are cameos from other games like Qbert, Sonic and Street Fighter, but most of the movie takes place in just three games: Fix-it Feelix, Hero’s Duty and Sugar Rush. Sarah Silverman plays a perfect little misfit girl in Sugar Rush who just wants to win a race and Ralph is forced to help her to get his medal back that he stole from Hero’s Duty. Of course, everything gets a lot more complicated and Ralph has to make hard choices that might hurt his new friends. In the end…nope, not gonna ruin it for you, just watch it.

Wreck-It Ralph is getting %84 on Rottentomatoes, and made 49 Million, which is really great because hopefully they’ll make a few sequels with this video game universe.

Go see it in the theater, it’s worth it.

  1. Dan O. says:

    Nice review Nathan. Definitely a bit too cutesy at points and its message is a well-traveled one, but there wee enough cool visuals and video game references to delight my inner geek.